Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility. You start to connect the dots, look. You Find Yourself in Relationships With Untrustworthy People. LEO (July 23 - August 22). A person with trust issues will often paint everybody and everything with the same brush.

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Leo and Aquarius.

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You start to connect the dots, look.

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They have major trust issues. .

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. Leo and Leo compatibility falls somewhere in the middle. Do Leo have trust issues? Leo is the most confident zodiac sign. Leo and Leo compatibility falls somewhere in the middle. In order for two Leos to make a relationship work, they need to work on their trust issues. Ukrainian troops have likewise blamed problems with Starlink on Russian jamming, the website Defense One reports. By Rebecca Davis O’Brien.

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You will always see them as super secure, but they have doubts, and you must always be very careful as they may run back to their shells.

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