. Although both words may sound and look similar, elicit and illicit have very distinct uses and meanings. ”. .

Elicit vs illicit pronunciation

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Elicit is never an adjective.

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For instance, if a client has been unresponsive to your emails, you might say, “ I haven’t been able to elicit a response from them. The meaning of ILLICIT is not permitted : unlawful.

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The Latin verb elicere means “drawn out by trickery or magic” and is built on the combination of the prefix ex-(meaning “out”) and the verb lacere, which means “entice, deceive”.

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. In this article, we explain the difference between them. . . . But elicit and illicit are both spoken with emphasis on the second syllable; therefore, the opening vowel sound goes by so fast that you’re not likely to hear a.

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In this videos, you'll learn about the difference between two homonyms.

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