Watch on. 22 Romanzes for violin and piano; March for piano four hands. 14. .

What was clara schumann most famous pieces

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Chamber Music – Op.

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Jun 11, 2018 · Schumann, Clara Josephine Wieck (1819–96) German pianist and composer, wife of Robert Schumann.

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. 14-16, op.

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It was thanks to him that Clara studied music from such a young age.

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At age 11, she went on a concert tour of various European cities and gave her first solo concert in Leipzig. She was an outstanding interpreter of the works of her husband and of their friend Brahms. 6 all written by the age of 17, drew glowing praise in his magazine. Arguably the greatest movement ever written for the solo violin, the concluding Chaconne from Bach 's Partita in D minor (c1720) inspired Brahms so much that, 150 years after its composition, he transcribed it as one of his Five Studies for left-hand piano. 14. 11) Mvt 4 Menuetto I/II (arr.

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This work was in collaboration with Joseph Joachim — the legendary Hungarian violinist of the time.

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9 (‘Kreutzer’) Being the emotional melting pot he was, Beethoven’s character switches in this charge sonata are even more pronounced than usual.

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